The environment is complex and ‘recording’ (noting down) wildlife observations helps scientists understand it.

MAPlanGo work with research and wildlife organisations to engage the public in co-ordinated ‘citizen science’ projects. We:

  • establish a baseline from existing data

  • design environmental monitoring methodologies

  • create user friendly web-forms

  • confirm species identification with experts

  • provide data to researchers and decision-makers

“Matt’s great to work with – excellent GIS data collection, management, analysis and modeling skills – as well as good client focused attitude and other skills such as surveyor training, citizen science engagement and facilitating mapping workshops” Craig, Forestry Commission

 map access 

Whether it’s an urban oasis or a national park, access to the natural environment improves people’s health and sense of place.

MAPlanGo use maps to help government and NGO clients improve access to the natural environment. We:

  • make maps to help people find sites to visit

  • conduct analysis to identify communities with poor access

Please get in touch if there’s anything you would like to discuss, we would love to hear from you.